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MasterSystem Technologies Ltd

Headquartered in Lae, Papua New Guinea , MasterSystem Technologies (MST) utilises a Web based technology platform provided by Mix Telematics, known globally in over 120 countries, and who has developed hardware which has been tried and tested in extreme conditions providing a wide flexibility in monitoring and reporting. The FleetMaster (FM) technology has a long established international market platform including a strong base in Australia, Asia and Africa.

The MST management structure is based on over 50 years of management experience in Papua New Guinea (PNG) coupled with experience globally in fuel and lubricant management; fleet monitoring and tracking systems spanning some 15 years in the African, Asian and Australasian regions. The establishment of MST in PNG is providing a local entity with a long term business outlook focused on the establishment of permanent infrastructure for the growing regional market in PNG for fuel and fleet technology.

Our range of technologies incorporate the name "Master" to indicate that it is the ultimate and most superior in its range of products and services. Our range includes products and services grouped under a common name. Hence we have FleetMaster, TechMaster, PetroMaster, PureOil as well as a number of other sub-services.

In-Vehicle Monitoring System

- Know where your vehicles and drivers are/were
- Understand vehicle utilisation and fuel consumption
- Measure and improve driver performance and road safety
- Reduce fleet operting costs

Genset Monitoring

- Monitor assets remotely
- Engine management - oil pressure and temperature
- Fuel and oil management
- Servicing reminders and records

Oil Monitoring

- Reuse up to 90% of oils on site
- Reduce overall oil consumption
- Extend machine component life
- Reduce maintenance cost and asset down-time
- Reduce waste oil disposal and hydrocarbon footprint

Fuel Management

- Prevent unauthorised fuelling
- Control electronically via GPS
- Accurate and reliable data
- Fuel efficiency, improving your profit margin

MasterSystems' Clients

By John Smihhgggggth posted July 30, 2015

As shown on the right hand side, these are some of the current existing clients of MasterSystem Technologies Ltd...

Listed below are our primary partners in providing our unique range of Technology Solutions:


Fuel Management Africa

A world-class web-based fuel management systems provider who provides services to commercial/industrial customers throughout Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific.

MiX Telematics

Mix Telematics

A leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions for safety, efficiency and security across 6 continents in over 120 countries with robust on-board hardware and a "state of the art" fully interactive and automated web based data platform.

PureOil PNG Ltd

PureOil PNG Ltd

Supplier of quality new and rejuvenated oils. Our technology for cleaning and rejuvenation of oils and the supplementation of the additive pack in automotive and hydraulic oils enables oil to be utilised a number of times.

Oil Advantage

Oil Advantage

A unique system of live on-board remote monitoring of crankcase oil integrity by continual assessment of the levels of soot, water, viscosity and particulates in motors via a sump plug located probe.

MST HQ Address
21 Sletfjord Street
P.O Box 4025
Lae 411
Morobe Province,
Papua New Guinea

Contact Us
Email: askim@mastersystems.com.pg
Phone: +675 472 7022 / 472 4485
Hotline #: +675 718 94526 / 705 24028

Other Offices

  • Port Moresby
  • Noko Street
  • Section 42, Allotment 58
  • Boroko, NCD
  • Papua New Guinea

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