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    We are a Provider of Technology Solutions for the Petroleum Industry and Fleet Management Requirements for the Transport Industry

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  • FleetMaster

    Fleet management and performance reporting, 24/7 live and historical mobile and static asset tracking, in vegicle management systems, on-board communications and CCTV, fuel consumption and bulk fuel storage monitoring, fleet maintenance, driver performance and training, management phone apps

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  • PetroMaster

    Fuel handling equipment, supply and installation of fuel tanks and farms, diesel fuel polishing and treatment, contaminated fuel cleaning

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  • TechMaster

    Residential and commercial CCTV installation and monitoring, security alarm systems, computer and IT support services

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  • OilMaster

    Cleaning and rejuvenation for re-use of crank, Hydraulic and transmission oils, supply of new oils

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  • TrackMaster

    Security tracking of vehicles for individuals, small medium and large fleets. Self monitoring or External monitoring options available. Panic alarm is standard to our control room and/or your preferred security provider and “onboard” hands free emergency communications available.

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About Us

Headquartered in Lae, Papua New Guinea , MasterSystem Technologies (MST) utilises a Web based technology platform provided by Mix Telematics, known globally in over 120 countries, and who has developed hardware which has been tried and tested in extreme conditions providing a wide flexibility in monitoring and reporting. The FleetMaster (FM) technology has a long established international market platform including a strong base in Australia, Asia and Africa.

Our Services

In-Vehicle Monitoring

Track your vehicles and drivers

Understand fuel utilisation & consumption

Measure and improve driver performance & road safety

Reduce fleet operating costs

Genset Monitoring

Monitor assets remotely

Engine management – oil pressure and temperature

Fuel and oil management

Servicing reminders and records

Oil Monitoring

Reuse up to 90% of oils on site

Reduce overall oil consumption

Extend machine component life

Reduce maintenance cost & down-time

Reduce oil waste & hydrocarbon footprint

Fuel Management

Prevent unauthorised fuelling

Control electronically via GPS

Accurate and reliable data

Fuel efficiency, improving your profit margin

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